Sarah Beeny's tips for DIY - do you agree?

Worcester Decorators are often called in to help out with plaster work and painting in extensions and home improvements. In fact, it is probably the core part of our business. So when a celeb property guru offers a list of her top 7 DIY improvements, it usually pays to listen as they can often be seen as a weather vane for which way the wind is blowing. Their words get taken to heart by some clients.

Her interview for the Telegraph can be found here.

Her points are very valid, simple truths. As a decorator I particularly like her final one, with the client having some knowledge of the trade. A client who has some painting and decorating knowledge is, believe it or not, often more understanding than clients who don't. I imagine it could be that some people get defensive when they are out of their knowledge 'comfort zone' (I think we've all experienced that at a garage sometime!), but people who have researched what they need are better placed to make a more accurate decision.