Painting and cleaning up after the end of a long term tenancy leads to an alliance with a carpet cleaner

We at Worcester Decorators have had a very busy summer (so busy that I am woefully behind on updating my blog - so I apologise if any of my disciples out there are missing my wise words - both of them).

To be sure, I will drop an update on our recent projects in the next week or two, (including a building very dear to the history of Worcester), but the first thing I wanted to write about was my experience in decorating a property after a long term tenant had moved out.

What started out as a more-or-less simple interior decorating project gradually turned into something of a renovation on the fly. After starting to repair a break in the plaster, a serious damp issue was uncovered that had been dripping away for probably a decade or more. Then the kitchen and bathroom were taken out and a new one was added, which was a needed thing however.

Upstairs, the rooms didn't need anything too serious, except wood work on the windows and a paint job for these areas on the exterior as well (which, as there were only two of them, a ladder was a workable solution). Even the upstairs carpets were saved thanks to the fantastic efforts of some Worcester carpet cleaners under the care of Steve, who silenced us all with the roar of his hot water extraction device! (And the things he took out of that carpet were genuinely frightening - it obviously hadn't been cleaned for some time but the water was pitch black when he disposed of it).

Inspired by this, I made a deal with him: he could clean my carpets if he recommended our services - and I am glad to say he has done this. Within a week of the job finishing, I had a call off a client of his who needs an exterior scheduled for next spring and summer. It's a large house near St. Johns and it will be a work of at least two weeks if it comes off.

So, our patience and diligence in a difficult job was rewarded with a triumph! Hurrah!

But despite a few re-scheduling issues as various more serious issues came to light, it is actually great fun working with other tradesmen (and women). The banter becomes a lightning-fast dance of verbal cut and thrust - and, of course, there are also more people to make the tea!