Now is the time to brush up that faded exterior.

Good weather in England is premium. As a decorator I know how inclement weather can affect the chance of getting a exterior paint job done in the required time - and anything that adds time to a job where scaffolding or cherry-pickers are rented can be extremely costly. That's why, if you need the outside of your house or office decorated, then we advise you to take the most of this weather whilst it still lasts.

And the value it can add to your property is also not to be sniffed at. We all know first impressions count, and there are fewer things that give the impression of a uncaring owner than a peeling and faded front. And once that gets into a person's mentality, it is hard to make up the lost ground.

So, if you need your exterior painted into shape, then now is the time of year to do it. We can still cater for jobs, but spaces are rapidly becoming limited.