Painting and decorating with the 'Elephant's Breath' from Farrow and Ball.

Some paints communicate an idea and express a concept that is key to a business environment. The choice of colour can say a lot about how the business and the staff are expected to behave, as well as enforce a customer's expectation about what they should expect.

Worcester Decorators has some recent experience of this with a local Worcester based company, Vision Solutions. Based near Worcester Hospital, the company specialises in cloud-based disaster recovery and business continuity: basically, they put in place the infrastructure to ensure that your company's data is backed up in an off-site secure location, where it can be accessed and re-loaded should something go awry with your primary business location. With threats as diverse as flooding, terrorism, infrastructure failure, and the insistence of politicians to interfere in our lives, this is all very necessary.

Entertaining clients in their Worcester offices was also a key factor in the choice of colour. The firm wished to have something that was sober and attractive, that communicated trust and competence and efficiency without being too bold. With a few ideas of what they wanted, they asked Worcester Decorators to visit them in the office where the painting would be carried out and to provide samples of the paints they were considering.

The range was selected from the Farrow and Ball sample book, and three paints were considered before the choice was made for Elephant's Breath, which communicated a warm contemporary grey patina that fulfilled the brand needs of the business.

The decorating was carried out in due course, and the office area since received complements from visitors and employees alike.

So if you are thinking of what to decorate your office with if you need to update the paintwork, then just contact Worcester Decorators and we can happily offer you some advice.

PS. I am always intrigued by the imagination of the marketing departments who think up these wondrous names of paints. I would like to suggest two of my own for the Farrow and Ball team if I may: Peacock Egg and Turtle Tooth (if they sound impossible, they probably are!)