Worcester Decorators keeps an eye out for Festive jumpers.

You might have seen them, flitting through the December evenings of late night shopping in Worcester High Street, bathed under the white light glow of shop entrances or viewed through starry snowy panes of decorated festive Worcester windows: the lurking, ever-present Christmas horror - the themed woollen jumper!

Some of them might have anthropomorphic reindeer smiling out from above rounded waists and gorged bellies, or a Santa giving a thumbs up (not on the same jumper I hope - or it's no wonder that Rudolph is smiling!) 

But in all honesty, we have to remember what it is for. It is for Save the Children and it's part of the fun to look a little daft isn't it? So, if you want to text a donation, then just go to:


And in Malvern, it seems that even Sir Edward Elgar got in on the act from Belle Vue:

Worcester Decorators Ed Decorated.JPG

Happy Christmas and New Year everyone!