Worcester Decorators looks forward to 2015.

At this time of year, we make more predictions for the future than at any other time. We look both backward, over the previous 12 months to contemplate both failure and success, and we look forward, with hope, doubt, and no small determination.

Worcester itself will change in 2015, as will the country. We face an election that is the most hard-to-call in probably a generation, with results that will determine the course of the country far more than in previous elections. The Faithful City too will see more investment: from a planned John Lewis store that if given permission, will create more than 1000 jobs in the coming years. And in January Worcester Hospital will open it's new oncology centre offering radiotherapy services. Plus we will see the 150th anniversary of Worcester County Cricket Club, with a planned Anniversary Walk in front of the club in which you can buy a brick and have your name engraved on it for £60.00. 

So Worcester Decorators are looking forward to year of serious progress in a city that is rapidly moving forward.

Here's wishing all our visitors a Happy New Year for 2015!