Worcester Decorators like the idea of "Worcester, City of Culture, 2021!"

I've just seen the ITN news. Apparently, there is a plan for Worcester. A plan of such subtlety and brilliant cunning that the bristles on my brushes are tingling with delight (try saying that ten times in a row after 9pm on a Saturday night).

There is a discussion afoot to put Worcester forward as the City of Culture for the UK in 2021. If there is enough local support, we could put our name forward, amongst other cities, for the award, which would see a host of national events participate in the winning city.

It is a scheme which has been running since 2009, and nominations and awards are every four years. In 2013, it was Londonderry that won the award, and in 2017 it will be Hull.

But what has Worcester given the UK culturally over the years? The long-dead king that lies buried in Worcester Cathedral is not often held up as a man of envious virtue and ability, though his life and (mis)deeds did rightly lead to the signing of one of the most important documents in world history. What other famous people do we have? Intriguingly, there is the 18th century Royal Marine who was actually a woman (Hannah Snell), and, of course, Sir Edward Elgar (though Malvern might dispute my Worcester-origin theory).

It'll be an interesting discussion no doubt, and one in which Worcester Decorators will watch with rapt attention.