Decorators are in demand nationwide - even Nick Knowles agrees.

I don't watch much TV, but one thing I caught only a part of was the BBC's DIY SOS at the weekend. Nick Knowles was up in Manchester, renovating a street for veterans and their families. Even Princes William and Harry turned up to lend a hand (did William paint wet plaster? I hope not . . .)

It was both a heart-warming project as well as being interesting. Hundreds of volunteers turned up to help out: gardeners, carpenters, builders and Gorton Horticultural Society helped provide street planters. It was a community effort which was a truly inspiring thing to watch - more of this sort of thing from the BBC please (and if you have to can East Enders, or 'the angry program' as I call it, then please don't hesitate!)

But it seems that all was not well in Manchester. It was a big project, but there were trade shortages. More gardeners were needed. And so were more decorators. Exterior decorating is coming to a close now for larger buildings, as the weather is getting wetter and colder (and some paints don't do well applied under 7 degrees).

This is a problem that many people don't appreciate. Good decorators will be booked up often for months in advance (and if you need an exterior decorating job done in the spring and summer then be SURE to book it in advance!)  Luckily, Worcester Decorators are big enough to cope with most jobs (we can usually fit smaller decorating jobs in between the mammoth ones but there's no guarantee).

So please, please plan ahead for your decorating needs.

You can read the Daily Mirror's article about it here.