Good luck to an old friend. A friend of ours moves to Redditch Decorators.

It's always a shame when close colleagues who you have built an excellent working relationship with move on, and we'd like to express our thanks to J who is moving over to 'The Ditch,' as Redditch is affectionately known.

J has worked on and off with us over the last year or so, and his decorating and plaster work is top notch. He is a fount of knowledge too, as he spends half his life listening to Radio 4 whilst he's hanging some wall paper or running a brush over a masked skirting board. Many times have we been corrected on some historical oddity or event or a piece of nineteenth century literature that he has picked up from his habitual (and, I believe, addiction), to Melvyn Bragg and 'In Our Time' every Thursday morning. (We've all started to pick the habit up here in fact, thanks to J).

Over in his new place of residence he will be working with Redditch Decorators in the same capacity as he was with us, helping them when they need the extra manpower and applying his interior decorating skills in the homes and offices of Redditch and the West Midlands.

Thanks a million J! And good luck!

The Worcs Team!