A new idea for a decorating blog.

I like writing my blog and regaling the citizens of Worcester with my opinions and tales of my adventures. Mostly, I use it to showcase what we've been talking about and to draw attention to previous business successes, as well as to vent my spleen on what I think is wrong with the city or areas that could be improved.

So what I have decided to do, over the next month, is to put together three longer pieces that will document (and may well exaggerate) a day in the life of a decorator in the Faithful City in what will probably be a light hearted account of my (mis)adventures. The "Confessions of a Worcester Decorator" smacks a bit too much of those corny 70s comedy films in which Cherie Blair's father starred, so I think I'll have to think up another name. I've always been a bit partial to "View from the top of the ladder" as this sums up where I find myself on a frequent basis. 

So, warning has been served! Over the next month or so I will update you with entertaining tales of my heroic deeds from a light hearted take (and I might even fictionalise them somewhat to give them that added spice of trial, adventure, heartache and victory!)