The View from the top of the ladder is here!

Last month I wrote about the idea of a new blog diary that is in a longer format and showcases us in our daily lives as Worcester Decorators and what we do in the painting trade. Entitled, "The view from the top of the ladder," we have a three part account planned covering our daily trials and (mis)adventures.

The first part, written on Budget Day 2016 (March 21st) has just been uploaded to the site, whilst the second one is currently yet to be written and will focus on a day in the life of a Worcester Decorator in April. We hope it will give our visitors a bit more of an insight into what we get up to and entertain you with our very mild bantering. 

Each of these entries will be posted on the site below our Footer (at the bottom of the page), and we'll probably leave them up indefinitely

Click on the link to read the first part of A day in the life of a Worcester Decorator and prepare to be swept up into a world of amusing nonsense, turpentine, and paints and brushes and, most important of all, tea bags!