A Worcester Decorator howls with laughter as street painting meets grand art to encourage council action.

Look away if you are easily offended! Avert your eyes, close those blinkers, and divert your attention elsewhere.

For my following article must be preceded by a health warning of strong language and immature graffiti.

As a Worcester Decorator this is something I rarely have to issue when putting together my two pennies of thought for my fortnightly blog, but in this case I feel I have to, because what I am about to share made me chuckle and is slightly risky. 

Let me begin, suitably, at the beginning, with a problem we are all familiar with: potholes in the road and the way in which they seem to take forever and a day to get fixed (to be fair, the councils of England are in a no win situation here), and this perception of council inaction led to one street artist (a decorator of sorts), taking direct action to draw their attention to the menaces.

The resourceful chap was so fed up with potholes in his native Manchester that he decided to force the council's hand by decorating the hole and the tarmac around it as . . . giant penises! Further, taking inspiration from one of our most famous street decorators, Banksy, he even developed a non-de-plume that would have the Scarlet Pimpernel laughing in the isles: Wanksy (please forgive me - but it's all true!)

Council's don't tend to appreciate having attention drawn to their failings at the best of times. But to do it in a manner that poked fun seemed to work for a while. However, it now seems our enterprising social street decorator might have run out of luck: he has 'highlighted' so many potholes with his brush that it seems the council is now ignoring him with a deliberate stubbornness. It has, with no pun intended, become a battle of wills. So not only does Manchester have potholes, it has potholes with hastily made paintings of male genitalia draped around the crumbling edges of these tarmac craters. The street decorator deserves a blue plaque outside his home!

The situation is so ludicrous it could only have happened in our fair Isle, and it does make me wonder if the brave crusader's actions will inspire a national movement, an uprising fuelled on tea and biscuits and nightly incursions by balaclava-wearing rebels as they paint their mark on Britain's ruined streets! Perhaps the fire of liberty and freedom will spread across the Channel to the Continent, where the Brussel's Elite will be shocked back under their duvets after being confronted by such decoration on their way to the Parliament! Who knows where such madness will end?

You can read the story in the i here (it does contain a few pictures of the graffiti, so be warned).