A Worcester Decorator asks what you will be doing on the Bank Holiday.

Each day I seem to feel older! And therefore it is with ever more satisfaction that I look forward to the bank holidays with. When I was a young, full of lust and sparkle and joy and . . . all sorts of other things that I've long forgotten, I viewed bank holidays as a hindrance. Something that got in the way of work and seemed the preserve for people with strange activities, like exploring castles and venturing over the county border to Herefordshire in search of Real Ale, or, further afield, to find those sunlit uplands that seem to reside in Wales.

Now I'm older, and wiser, and it's me who often ventures into Herefordshire (for the cider), and into Wales (the uplands aren't quite as sunlit as I imagined them to be in my salad days, but they are beautiful nonetheless). And bank holidays are looked forward to with a gleeful eye and a prayer for good weather.

But what's going on in Worcestershire for us to enjoy this year?

We have a festival in Droitwich throughout the weekend, featuring live music (it's never 'dead music' is it?), and will also feature canal boats, static engines, and arts and craft fairs.

In Malvern, we have a water fair going on in Priory Park, and the town's wells are to be dressed (all 40 of them). There is also a donkey procession going from the Abbey Hotel to St. Anne's Well on the Sunday morning - perhaps the last one of its kind too.

In Eastnor, on the Saturday, there is a pottery workshop, which does cost but is something of an experience day out for those who like to . . . potter. And on Sunday in Eastnor we also have the Eastnor Chilli Festival - so make sure you dress up warm to avoid disappointment!

And on Monday it's the King's School May Day fete, on College Green in Worcester.

All in all, there's plenty to do - so make sure you don't miss out on the exciting opportunities this weekend. I know I won't!

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