Well done Worcester PC Matt Waite!

As a citizen of Worcester it gladdens my decorating heart to see how the kindly actions of one policeman have been received by the residents of the Faithful City. The Worcester News shows a video of how PC Matt Waite assisted a blind man on the streets on Monday.

You can see the video for yourself here.

In times of deepening tension around the world and the seemingly imminent collapse of some governments, actions like these serve to remind me, at least, that the placid and benign pace of British life is still immune from anything too radical. The model of policing by consent that is a keystone of our democratic system is something that isn't that common throughout other parts of the world, where uniforms can equate to an inflated sense of power, so such a display by the conscientiousness policeman and the support it has received online from thousands of viewers is something to be applauded.

It makes me quietly proud of our city, and our police force too. Well done!