A new pub? Let's paint the town red!

I was heartened to hear of a new micro-pub opening up in St John's, in Worcester. As someone who values community and the central part a pub plays in it, I have for years been silently despairing about the number of pub closures going on up and down the country. Such a trend is greatly damaging for our society. Pubs are the real melting pots of the UK were all manner of different people of different backgrounds like to meet and converse. 

So this is why the opening of the rather grimly named 'Bull Baiters Inn' in St John's is a welcome sign. Enterprising individuals are bucking the trend and communities will be the better for it (who can honestly say that selling cut price alcohol in supermarkets makes for a better neighbourhood? Drinking in pubs encourages, mostly, responsible drinking).

So here's wishing the Bull Baiters Inn a fantastic future! And as a painter decorator, I have to say: "Let's paint the town red"!