June has been a busy month for our decorating teams despite the rain.

It's always nice to be busy indoors when the weather is like what we experienced last week! Summer months are usually a time when we schedule our external decorator jobs: we need several good long dry days to do these jobs and the temperature needs to be warm enough for the paint to set properly, but last week was . . . slightly on the damp side, or, to use another expression, unsuitably inclement!

But that doesn't mean we down tools and shy off to Ascot to parade around in our toppers. No sir! There are always other jobs that we have on the go: a dentist's surgery in Barbourne is currently being prepared under the auspices of a London outfitting group, and there are always the smaller jobs of single room wall papering and kitchen painting that need doing. It's a healthy thing to have a mix of the big and small jobs: an exterior paint job is on hold due to the deluge and so we can jump on the small painting jobs quickly and get them done whilst the heavens weep.

And if it's not actual painting then there are always, always administrative tasks to do: payrolls, taxes, expenses, collecting receipts, inputting them all on my spreadsheet before I send them over to my book-keeper! Rainy days offer no respite from work, just a variation on what you can do.