Farrow and Ball's new book: How to Decorate, is a useful starting point for any decorating project.

There are few more prestigious names in the world of painting and decorating than that of Farrow and Ball. As someone who has been painting the walls and ceilings of Worcester homes, apartments and businesses for many years, I have used their products on numerous occasions and I know how popular they are with clients.

Now, Farrow and Ball have released their latest book, How to Decorate, over the last few weeks (in May) and the initial reviews are promising. These types of books are notable for their wonderful and inspiring photographs and brilliant colour palette, and aim to inspire readers with sensible and achievable advice. The reviews on Amazon UK are very promising indeed: averaging 4.5 stars (out of 5) from 32 reviews. (It is also cheaper on Amazon than the Farrow and Ball site - by nearly £10.00).

As a decorator currently plying my trade, one of the questions I am often asked by my Worcester clients at the outset of any project is essentially: "What do you think of my design idea?" This puts me in an uncomfortable position as I am not an interior designer, and no one likes having their ideas negatively remarked upon. So it's books like these, that help with the initial design stages and choices of colours and papers and combinations, that are a very worthwhile investment at this stage of any project. 

You can click this link to read the reviews and buy Farrow and Ball's How to Decorate from Amazon. (And I don't even take a commission!)