The Car Storage Man

Those of you who read this blog of mine will know we are always sticking up for the small business man and woman who has the character and wherewithal to go it alone! So we often take a few moments out to celebrate our encounters with these bold explorers, these fellow risk takers who chart their ships into unknown waters. One such person we stumbled across the other day was engaged on an interesting adventure - the Car Storage Man!

Some times we at Worcester Decorators have to go off on our painting adventures to far away places, over hills and vale and wading rivers and braving inclement weather. But our journeys into these foreign parts are always interesting. The folk there speak with strange accents, and in the local taverns the personalities are similar to those of our Worcester brethren, but also different in subtle ways.

Recently, we were engaged to go off on an adventure into these foreign parts: namely Warwickshire, famous for Shakespeare, and a castle, and it was to be our home for the better part of a week as we were engaged on helping out an old decorating friend.

I won’t bore you with the intricacies of commercial painting - up high scaffolds to get the best we could in the short time available as the September weather started to close, but on three of the nights we stayed over and enjoyed the beer and food not far from Kenilworth. On one evening, when the sun was still generous enough to persuade us to sit outside, we were interrupted by the sound of “vast and powerful engines, and a multitude of dins that made civilised speech impossible!”

Two vintage cars had pulled into the car park alongside our bench. The engines thrummed for some moments before the owners climbed out, and everyone’s gaze was upon them. They took a seat on the bench next to ours, sensibly so to keep an eye on their prizes, and conversation ensued.

One of the chaps was a man called Ben who was a car restorer by trade and passion. He had branched out and opened up a second business that was storing cars for clients throughout the Birmingham and Midlands areas. For the car storage business, he would arrange for the owner to drop the car off at an agreed location (usually his restoration business) but in this instance he was returning the cars to their owners with his colleague for a few days travel, and a pub had been decided as the handover point. Shortly afterwards, (a half pint later in real time), the owners arrived and took possession of their vehicles after giving them a quick inspection under Ben’s running commentary of performance and storage related issues.

It was a rewarding evening - we all learned something new about each others’ trades and professions, and shared the difficulties of running a small company in this increasingly anti-business society, and one day, if Ben’s office in his secret storage centre ever needed repainting, he would ask for us!

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